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Rick C
Always better Dr. Ramzi has always had my best interest at the forefront of his chiropractic Care for me. Since my major car accident, I owe my continued overall progress to him and his hard work for me.
Elisabeth K
Big Relieve After a whiplash injury I developed pain in my neck when doing the repetitive motion of playing violin. Dr. Dalloul has helped me recover and I’m now pain free and regained full range of motion by maintaining a monthly adjustment plan. Dr. Dalloul is personable, upbeat and always up for a good conversation. The office is nice and conveniently located. Online scheduling is easy too. I believe Dr. Dalloul has the knowledge and intuition to assist anyone in the healing process!
Cari M
Best Chiropractor Ever Dr Ramzi Dalloul is the best chiropractor I have ever had. Because of him I am able to exercise 3 times a week and walk in 5Ks. He has made me feel more energetic and healthier. Best thing I have done for me as he has made my life better.
Jim W
Ococtogenarian Having recently turned 80 I sought relief from discomfort I was experiencing above and beyond what can be expected of a person of my age. Dr. Dalloul was able to alleviate a great majority of issues I had...and made me feel make me feel like I was a number of years years younger.
Scott R
Highly Recommend! I cannot say enough wonderful things about the professionalism, knowledge and realistic understanding of Dr. Dalloul. He is easily the best chairopractor I have been seen by in many years which says something considering I have had back issue for the last 15 to 20 years. I don't often refer or recommend a business but I highly recommend Dr. Dalloul and Community Chairopractic to anyone who is having challenges that a highly skilled chairopractor can help overcome.
David Stallmo
Experiences with Dr. Dalloul I have been seeing Dr. Dalloul for several years now. I have had problems with my back most of my life and have seen multiple Chiropractors for adjustments over this time. So I have been seeing Dr Dalloul every week or so for adjustments. He helps me a lot and is very personable. He really helps me with my back, neck and shoulders. I will continue to see him for the foreseeable future on a weekly basis. I highly recommend Dr Dalloul for anyone having back problems. He also deals with other problems (sports injuries and such) that he can fill you out with.
Cari M
Dr Ramzi Best chiropractor I have ever had. I have been going to chiropractors over 40 years. He’s just the best!
Susan M
Great Doctor The best chiropractor in the nation heals impossible cases with grace and kindness!
Matthew S
Great Experience There are a lot of chiropractors in the Denver Boulder area but Dr. Dalloul is one of the best. I saw him for a symptoms related to a serious concussion and he did a great job. I will now be going there for all my chiropractic needs.
Great Service! Dr. Dalloul spent a lot of time with me my first visit going over my posture, the areas I was in pain, my goals and my treatment plan. He has a lot of experience in his practice and is very knowledgeable in the field of Chiropractic care. Dr. Dalloul gave me a lot of practical tips and exercises that I could implement into my lifestyle to strengthen my back and increase stability. I would recommend Dr. Dalloul to my friends and family!
Sally G
I function without pain I was out of alignment in an unusual way for me. I am adjusted completely and thoroughly.I am so greatful.
Alessandra L
Satisfied Customer Ramzi provides high quality symptom relief which has helped me to reach and achieve my health and wellness goals. I am pain free, and, am able to enjoy all aspects of my life to its fullest!
Patricia R
Community Chiropractic Dr. Ramzi Dalloul is fantastic. He did a great job of getting rid of my neck and shoulder pain. Plus, I liked him. I'd highly recommend him.
Caroline A
Compassionate and professional care For years I stayed away from chiropractors. I stayed away because many I met used fear-based sales tactics and crazy promises. Dr. Ramzi has 17 years experience, knows how your body works and is a straight talker. You're in good hands with Dr. Ramzi!
Pete L
chiropractic care Dr. Ramzi Dalloul is an expert and treats everyone of his patients with care and diligence.
5 stars thank you!!
Five stars! Great experience! Would return again.
Great Chiropractor! Couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Dalloul's professionalism and his adjustments!
Emily OLivas
Very complete service I have visited several different chiropractors in my life. I consider a chiropractor good if they adjust me based on my needs. I do not want a chiro to adjust me the same way he adjusted the person before me and the person after. Dr. Dalloul did not do that! He could tell where I needed to be adjusted based on my spine. He found problems I was not feeling. My adjustment and exam were wonderful. He explained things well and was extremely friendly. I loved that his practice was personal!
James Anderson
Satisfied patient. I have had neck and back pain for close to 20 years due to construction work, car accidents and working as a nurse. I have seen many chiropractors in multiple states . Dr. Dalloul really helps my pain and I always leave feeling better. He takes his time with his patients unlike many chiropractors who have you in and out in five minutes. Not all chiropractors are good but this one is.
Ali W
Thanks Dr. D Dr D got things to move in my back that haven't moved for a long time. I had been suffering from neck and low back pain for a long time, and I finally caved and started seeing him when the pain because a daily hindrance. Dr D specifically said that he didn't want to do a 3 times a week for 8 weeks type of program, which I found to be hugely relieving, and helped me feel much better in less than half the time suggested by other chiropractors. Thanks, Doc!
Anthony Gilbert
Great Experience I have been to Dr Dalloul four times and each time has been a positive experience. Each adjustment helped relieve stagnation and pain. I highly recommend his services.
David Stallmo
Very professional and helping me so far I am having problems/pain in my back, hip and leg on my right side. So far after 2 adjustments everything is feeling better and I will be going more times this week and next to finish up. I have gone from not being able to sit down due to hip and back pain without too much pain to continue sitting to a point where I still have some pain in my lower back when sitting but it is not unbearable. At this rate I expect to be pain free by next week. I highly recommend Dr Dalloul.
Allison L
Awesome chiropractic care in Lafayette Ramzi brings years of experience and tons of caring to his practice. I highly recommend checking him out. Prices are reasonable!
Rene D
Community Chiropractic Doctor D helped me get back to good health. Currently working through an injury, he has been willing to work with me multiple times per day, and on a daily basis. I'm confident, with his help, I will get there soon! He is as committed to my well-being as I am. I highly recommend Community Chiropractic.
Dr. D cured me! My wife and I have seen great results with Dr. D in the last 2 months and highly recommend him for his professionalism, knowledge, experience, and overall demeanor.
Great Service Dr Ramzi is a top notch guy but keep in mind chiropractic doesn't work for everyone and every situation, i personally needed more. Friendly and affordable, thanks!
Thank you Dr. D!!! Went in to see Dr. Dalloul after having neck and back pain and with his help and support I am feeling much better!!! He is very approachable and made my time there very comfortable. Thank you Dr. D!
Feeling Better! I went to Community Chiropractic for the first time a week ago, and I'm feeling so much better after just a few treatments. Dr. Dalloul has given me some great advice on proactive steps I can take at home to promote faster healing. The facility is very clean and professional. Thank you for your help!
Giancarlo Tzquierdo
Community Chiropractic First time being seen by a Chiropracter and I'm glad I met up with Ramzi. I felt comfortable and back feels great! Seeing him again Friday. Will update my status about my issues.
Micheal T
Community Chiropractic never having been to a Chiropractor, Ramzi is a real good communicator and made me feel confident. having suffered with shoulder pain for months . after three visits i felt much better. he is very easy with scheduling, and a great sense of humor.
Anthony Gilbert
Great Experience I had a great experience with my first adjustment at Community Chiropractic. Ramzi is very nice and my adjustment helped helped me heal.
Building Strength and Getting Results I knew about Dr. Daloul because my husband went to him a few years ago about severe back pain. Dr. Daloul discovered that my husband had broken his back 14 years before and no other doctor had found it. Dr. Daloul helped him with manipulation and exercises. Amazing. I went to Dr. Daloul for my back pain due to back fusion. He gave me good advice and helpful manipulation. Following his advice I've taken a balance class, use a balance disc and work on strength for better posture. Thanks
Sara F
Signs of change Not quite a year has gone by, but I feel its been a long road. I rely on treatment and am greatly satisfied with care from Community Chiropractic. Even though it is very difficult to live with symptoms of spinal injuries; I know my Chiropractor will give me the best treatment and advice. My symptoms have been manageable and my recovery time is faster. I am not alone on this long journey. Thank you
Sara F
Community Chiropractic cares about me A few months ago, I was not expecting to experience pins & needles, tingling, burning in my hands and arms. The doctor at the hospital viewed my MRI and only recommended surgery. I reconnected with Community Chiropractic. We determined I've had neck issues for a long time. My body is strong enough for adjustments and willing enough for rehablilitation.To focus on my treatment and fulfil my obligation towards my plan is my focus.This is a chance for a bright future without surgery.